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Hello there Beautifuls!

My name is Ting Ting Jones {you can call me TING or TINGmama} + I play house for a living.  I’m a foodie who loves all things stripes + I still play dress up.  My personal style is comfortable chic with a classic touch of girly + you’ll find me most often in my go-to attire of a dress + pair of cute shoes. As a dancing queen and healthy lifestyle cheerleader, I read cookbooks in my spare time + am not your typical stay-at-home mom.  In this little blog world of mine called Cup of TING, you’ll find a sip of MY Fashion, Food, and Fun!

You’ll find high end couture mixed with 3rd grade hand-me-downs along with super easy + delicious recipes. Having trouble finding your sanity or creative juices? I’ll give you tons of ideas on how to keep the stress away + enjoy the littlest moments of each + every day.

Besties for life!


My blog: http://cupofting.com

Facebook: http://facebook.com/cupofting

Twitter: http://twitter.com/cupofting

Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/cupofting

Instagram: http://instagram.com/tingmama

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